As a leader and innovator in the utility industry, Austin Energy pursues technology that enhances reliability, provides value to our customers, and safety for our employees. The COMET conference provides an ideal opportunity to share knowledge and experience with others in the industry and learn from technical experts from around the world. Austin Energy is proud to sponsor this year’s conference.

Dan Smith, Vice President of Electrical Service Delivery at Austin Energy
Thomas Rak

A graduate of New Jersey Institute of Technology with a BSEE(power concentration) and Portland State University MSE.  Tom has over 20 years of experience in the Electric Utility Industry managing Electrical Distribution Design, Substation Design and Generation Design.  Tom is presently the management sponsor for the implementation of a Substation Asset Condition Monitoring system at PG&E.

Thomas Rak P.E., Manager, Substation and Transmission Standards Engineering

Condition monitoring is a part of emerging technology in the power industry incorporating key aspects of big data, the internet of things, and the interplay between hardware and software in complex systems. It is a growing necessity, closely linked to emerging technologies. This makes COMET a great place for professionals, developers and university researches to develop a common understanding of present challenges and future improvements.

Dr. Robert Hebner, Director at the Center for Electro Mechanics, UT Austin
dr. angelo gattozzi

COMET 2015 was the first COMET conference I attended. It was a very positive experience that went well beyond my expectations. The stated aim of the conference was the discussion of industry’s best practices for on-line monitoring of electric power equipment. The subject matter was, therefore, quite focused on the practical needs of electric power companies, whether in generation, transmission, or distribution, but it involved methods and techniques that were at the forefront of technology. Therefore, the conference brought together people from industry and academia and resulted in an interesting and dynamic exchange of experiences and ideas among them.


Dr. Angelo Gattozzi, IEEE Sr. Member, Research Associate at the Center for Electromechanics,

The Lower Colorado River Authority has benefited greatly from COMET’s exchange of ideas among experienced professionals in the condition monitoring (CM) field.  Through quality technical presentations and well-moderated knowledge sharing, COMET ensures its attendees return with actionable information for their individual CM programs.  LCRA has high expectations for this conference to drive continuous improvement in CM for years to come.

Jimmy Rose, Sr. Engineer, Lower Colorado River Authority